sick days are good for something

23 08 2010

i’m midway through my second day of not leaving the bed except for tea & nourishment, & i suppose it’s just the summer cold everybody’s said has been going around, except it’s been in the mid-to-low 60s here for days, 50s at night, dark grey all the time & also raining most (lush, pouring-through-the-trees jungle-sounds raining), & so the “summer” adjective only seems true in regards to the calendar.

for all intents & purposes, as i curl around a mug of something steamy, wearing long-sleeved flannel, tissue-box at hand, pouring over syllabi and online course management tools, it’s autumn now: school is close at hand, and the weather’s ready, managing the aesthetic perfectly.

the hope is that this is just a practice run: we’re supposed to have sunshine and the 70s back tomorrow, when we’re taking the wee boy & a couple of friends out for a camping overnight at a park nearby (more vitamin C, MORE vitamin C!) & we don’t really want anybody, let alone everybody, chilled and sodden (which would be inevitable were it still wet out, as the dog is coming, and would bring wet fur in to shake all over the inside of the tent to make it every bit as damp as the out).

it’s been kinda nice, really, though, being brought juice and warm things, listening to the rain, triple-checking my materials for next week’s onslaught of 5 new classes (at 2 schools, one known and one also new), answering emails to coordinate new campus details & share materials with new teachers, snuggling on the cat when he wanders by to visit. so while nobody really likes being cold and snotty, i can’t help but appreciate the forced stillness & the beautiful gloom outside: a well-timed transition into the term to come.




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