why i’m terrified of the north country

12 11 2010

stopping in to Dunkin’ Donuts this morning with my carpool buddy lyn, because she’s done way more of the driving than i this semester so i wanted to buy her a treat, the waiting-for-coffee line plants us in front of the Toys-for-Tots donation box, where “local color” is making a statement (or having a statement made about it; i’m not sure which).

i didn’t have my phone-w/camera with me, so you’ll just have to visualize this: cardboard donation box, U.S. Marines & Toys-for-Tots logo w/the little trains, and then, below the logo, a home/office-printer-generated add-on of a white sheet of printer-paper with these 4 words in big, bold, black letters:

No guns
No knives

“tots” means “toddlers,” people. is this really something you have to tell the generous at christmas-time???




One response

12 11 2010

Why do you think of this as a “North Country” thing? I could easily see that kind of sign out where I live “down here.”

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