back to the snow-fields–and snowy highways

18 01 2011

today’s woman v. nature battle against winter was a war with wet ice rather than snow–i had traction under my tires, thank heavens (and thank wolf_majas, who insisted that it was past time for new all-weathers), but that helped not at all with seeing where i was going, since the freezing rain was all about attaching itself in a thick turtle shell to my windshield within about three miles of (me) MY getting on the road again after each time i stopped to chip it off. needless to say, my 50-mile commute seemed a lot longer than usual this morning!

but the good news is that the purpose of the commute was to bring me back to campus, where there are new students to guide, steer, and (if you ask them) torment, and old ones to catch up with, and where i have a steady set of tasks and obligations to attend to that are purposeful, focused, and entirely comprehensible: routine is comforting, teaching is dynamic and invigorating, and having both at once is a gleeful reward for all of that slogging through the ice and muck (just wish me luck getting home on the dark roads after the day’s temperature fluke recedes and the roads turn back into skating rinks).

winter “break” was definitely a break from routine, but was definitely not a relaxing interlude, so it was with complete disorientation that i stood at the bathroom mirror, brushing my teeth last night, and mumbling around the resultant rabies that it was really hard to believe that the new semester started in the morning. my friend Sarah is calling it the new “semonster,” but i’m not (yet) daunted. i took on fewer classes this term–three 4-hour courses & 9 weekly tutoring hours, but only 3 days of cross-country thruway driving, i know my stuff, and i’m looking forward to sharing it.

the future-in-laws, on the other hand, remain a murky (if hope-tinged) unknown despite (or because of) the meet-and-greet whirlwind of the past few weeks, and my own mommy-dearest didn’t exactly make everything she could have easy, either, so there’s lots of work left to do on that score, and plenty of challenging uncertainty to embrace; the semester spread out straightforwardly in front of me is thus a welcome balance-point! but the best part of all is having wolf_majas by my side to make both facets a collaborative exercise.

more detail on all of the above is forthcoming, but for now: happy belated new year, everybody!




2 responses

18 01 2011

the future-in-laws
Oh hey, congrats!
within about three miles of me getting on the road again
I hope there is nothing in class today about gerunds! *ducks*

19 01 2011

*a-hem* MY getting on the road again.
::concedes point with a dramatic bow:: (can i borrow a cape for that?)
and thank you. 😀

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