angel, devil, and everything between

7 02 2011

6:42am, Caleb: “Can I ride my bike?”
(The “bike” in question is a tricycle with squeaky wheels and a loud button-panel of electronic horns and voices. “Outta my way, I’m Lightning McQueen!” etc.)
6:42am, Daddy: “No, Jonas and Escher are still asleep downstairs. Wait until 7. You can ride the bike at 7.”
6:44am, Caleb: “Can I ride my bike now?”
6:44am, Tyra: “Not yet, Buddy. Daddy said wait until 7. Play with something else for a while, ok?”
6:44am, Daddy: “Caleb, do you want some breakfast?”
6:45am, Caleb: “No thank you. Can I ride my bike now?”
6:45am, Tyra: “No, Caleb. It’s 6:45 in the morning. Daddy said wait until 7. You’ve only waited one minute–you have 15 to go. Go do something else.”
6:46am, Daddy: “Come have some breakfast, and by the time you’re done, it’ll be time to ride your bike.”
6:46am, Caleb: “No-thank-you-I’m-not-hungry. NOW can I ride my bike?”

6:53am, Caleb, in my lap, pulling up my cardigan zipper until it pinches my neck: “There.”
6:53am, Tyra, pulling the zipper back down again: “Ow! That pinches. Don’t do it all the way up.”
6:54am, Caleb, pulling it back up but stopping an inch shy of the top this time: “Now you’re warm and snug.”

7:06am, Caleb (peering into the bathroom to watch Matt in the mirror): “What Daddy’s doing?”
7:06am, Tyra: “Putting stuff in his hair to make it stand up. Trying to get prettied up for work.”
7:07am, Caleb: “Daddy, you’re beautiful. Like Tyra.”

7:12am, Daddy: “Caleb, sit down for a minute and drink your milk. Are you going to want any breakfast this morning?”
7:12am, Caleb: “NO THANK YOU!”
7:14am, Caleb (off the bike, coming into the kitchen where I’m packing Goldfish crackers for lunch): “Can I try some?”
7:14am, Tyra: “Nope. You just said you weren’t hungry.”
7:14am, Daddy: “Real food first, Buddy. If you eat your breakfast you can have a snack after.”
7:14am, Caleb hangs his head, stomps out of the kitchen & down the hall & slams his bedroom door (emerging again 2 minutes later to get back on the bike).

7:24am, Caleb (riding around the house, chasing me into the living room, waving a piece of construction paper with the alphabet on it that I laminated with tape so he can trace the letters with a dry-erase marker): “I have a delivery for you!”
7:24am, Tyra: “I don’t need a delivery right now, Boo, I’m trying to get my coat on to go to work.”
7:25am, Caleb (hurling the paper onto the floor with as much force as he can put into it): “I HATE these words!”
7:25am, Tyra: “Then don’t keep them. Go put them on my desk if you don’t want them.”
7:25am, Caleb: “No!”

7:31am, Daddy: “Tyra’s gotta go to work, Buddy. Say ‘see you later.'”
7:31am, Caleb: “Bye Tyra. I’ll miss you a lot.”




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9 02 2011

Aww…that is much nicer than what Alex got yesterday from Rachel, who I think is about a month younger than Caleb..
Daddy (on his way out to work): Rachel, I love you so much and I want to keep you forever and ever.
Rachel: Daddy, I love you and I want to keep you so you can go to work and make money for us.
LOVE those three year olds!

10 02 2011

toddler rationale…
can be quite bi-polar at times – but one thing i know is completely constant. how much he loves you šŸ˜‰

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