2 03 2011

so far tonight we have studied nothing, but i have heard all sorts of town-business planning-angst, kvetching about other people’s students, well-earned maligning of local (un-named) politicians, and catchy infomercials about many, many flavors of honey, i have potentially invented the next great ironic granola t-shirt slogan, and i have made syracusah brownies from scratch just to prove that it’s that damn easy, so despite poor wolf_majas‘s repeated threats to bite somebody, i can’t help but consider study hall to be something of a success.

any minute now, appalachienne will probably come up the stairs with a plate in her hand, beckoned by the wafting chocolate.

i should be writing tasks for my flock’s peer review session tomorrow, and mapping little schedules out for how i’m going to get everything we didn’t get done in class tuesday wedged in alongside everything we already needed to do tomorrow, but i think (when i can get past the toy-mouse-soccer that’s now going on in the middle of the space between here and there) i’m going to go hack at the gooey-crisp block of new brownies instead. i don’t even like brownies, but they smell like heaven.

as far as wednesday nights go, this is a fine one.




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