28 09 2011

This post is really just an excuse to show those of you who live in other realms what life looks like in central New York at the very advent (it started, what, four days ago?) of autumn. There are pumpkins on a shelf in the living room, providing ambiance until we decide we’d rather they provide dessert, when they shall become pie. There are still apples in the plastic bag in the kitchen, waiting for their debut as apple-pie-number-two. There are spider-web wellies on our front porch, size child-7, there are green-veined scarlet maple leaves scattered across the bridge in the middle of my campus, and there’s a giant, ugly, edible gourd on the shelf with the spare tea-settings, waiting for a cold day and a cleaver.

My students complained last week when it was wet and cold that the weather was too depressing, and they didn’t know how they were going to manage winter. I suspect that they’ll handle it like every new batch handles it: frequent, common-ground-building complaining. Today’s tutoring client complained about the “heat” (today was in the 60s-70s, and sunny in the morning, which made it gorgeous, actually, and made me think the girl was a bit mad). She says she can’t wait until it’s “really fall.”

The geese, however, with their late-night, early-morning, and all-hours-in-between logistical conversations overhead and their long, trailing sky-sentences, contend that it’s already as “fall” as it needs to be to get them on their way. This is one of their skies:

Heading West along the Thruway this past evening. Imagine the geese as a wavy, dotted line, an eighth or so of the width of the image, stippled across it anywhere. Most times this time of year, if you look, you can find them there.

And this is the honey locust trees agreeing that the falling has, without a doubt, been underway. Really.

The almost-completely-naked-already yellow honey locust trees outside my building, against a brooding, stormy early-evening sky




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28 09 2011

Wow. I’ve kinda got a thing for clouds, especially when the light hits them the way it does on your Seasonally blog. Its hard for people to appreciate rain and rubbich weather but i dont think anyone can really deny the beauty that autum brings! Love this!

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