The View (1)

30 09 2011

It’s getting better, the house. I have to keep reminding myself of that, because when I’m here, mostly what I notice is the chaos, the half-done projects, and all of the neat, organized spaces we’ve trashed by actually living in it, how they work in tandem with the not-yet-unpacked boxes and the half-done construction/decoration projects to create what’s starting to feel like an eternal camping-out-in-someone-else’s-house-where-you-can’t-find-anything adventure.

When we moved in, this was a bright, rich, pepto-bismal pink window with flat, brown curtains, on a white wall (with pink molding on the closet door as well)

This is the view from my desk, in Matt’s-and-my office, of the window (not really out the window, which is the view from Matt’s desk, and some day I might try to steal his view, but right now the windows are still the completely filthy mess we moved into, and from this angle I can really only see light and the movement of the sheers; being blocked from the view means I’m blocked from the view of the dirt as well, which makes it easier to concentrate on what I’m working on instead of dashing off to get the Windex (an utterly futile temptation, since there’s no way to reach the outsides of these windows anyway, so I would just be scrubbing, making streaks, breathing Windex fumes, and still squinting through dirt to try to see the roof-and-tree-lines outside). They’re all like this, the whole house over, and I don’t think, aside from those on the actual porches, I can reach any of them. We’re saving for someone to do it for us, at least once). But window cleaner are on the list somewhere after saving for a new stove (this one has more broken burners than operational), a new roof under this window, a new roof under our bedroom windows, a new driveway, a carport over the driveway, and a vacuum cleaner that picks up dirt instead of spraying it all over the house. Those are just the things we were hoping to accomplish by winter. Notice the “were” in that sentence.

One advantage to the house driving me crazy when I look around is that it encourages me not to look around: before I got distracted by emails and the editing job that’s currently on my desktop, I got four papers graded in the first hour-and-a-half I was up, and I’m trying to rush through both this posting and the editing so I can get back to them. In my students’ paper-worlds, many things are brightly colored, neatly ordered, and vividly remembered, and exactly none of them are problems I need to fix. They are, thus, ever so nice to gaze upon.




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