Grey-ding on a Saturday Afternoon

22 10 2011

We spent Saturday in the living room, me with a digital “pile” of student essays to finish, & Matt with a novel to read a step or two ahead of his high school students. Kid-less, we got to focus on responsibility alone, and made a warm little “cabin” out of the desk, couch, and coffee-table, huddled around the fire. It isn’t winter yet, but the practice-run was a good start: we know now that it’s a warmer fire but a less-warm cozy-spot than in the old apartment, so there might be some adjusting to do as the hunker-down plans evolve throughout the season. For now, though, it was as good a way as any to spend a day with too much still-and-silent work to accomplish.

Up: the grey sky, framed inside by mantle and driftwood, outside by the eaves and bare branches

Right: a crackling little fire behind the gate

Center: laptop, gradebook, & student-essay, on the little dumpster-dived desk in our living room

Left: Matty asleep on the couch, pulled up close to the fire

Neither of us got it done, by the way; eventually we gave up and went upstairs to watch BSG. But I got further than he did.

Down: Piddy-the-cat on Matt's feet, as seen through the slats of the desk




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