So I guess it’s time…

14 03 2012

…to out ourselves about what some of our friends (I’m looking at you, Crista, for walking into a room & saying “I knew it; you’re glowing,” and at Madeline, who isn’t even here but dreamed about it anyway) have already claimed is completely obvious:

(This metaphor brought to you, by the way, by Pi day)–I am become an oven, and there’s a baby baking.

We have no pictures for you yet (unless you’re really interested in what I look like pudgy from 3 months of eating starchy things constantly to pacify the first-trimester tummy, because that’s all we’ve got so far: no discernible bump in the pudge, but plenty of pant-fitting-wreckage because of the pudge).  And we’re not telling the little boy yet, both to stretch further into the safety zone and to reduce the amount of stress he’s already under (more on that in the next post, maybe).  But we’ve made it to 13 weeks, and I’ve had the all-day alcohol-free hangovers, highly annoying waking-up-starving-at-4-every-morning sleep interruptions, and crippling exhaustion to prove it (I think I’ve missed as much school to stay home and sleep this semester as I did the Fall I had pneumonia). Most importantly, we’ve got the happy little heartbeat as evidence–next time we go in for a check up, I’ll see if I can figure out how to use my phone to make a recording!

Localized announcements started last week, and I got my first unsolicited and un-“do you mind?”-ed (but totally welcome) belly-touch from our friend Francis, which I found fitting since I once sneaked into an academic conference about nothing I’ve ever studied just for the free booze by pretending to be his wife.  A couple days ago, when I ran into his actual wife, our friend Christy, at the thrift store (she was buying a gorgeous picnic basket that some fool had abandoned, to keep books and toys in for her daughter, who’s just one and loves things that open and close, and I was hoping for bigger pants), she was the second.  We’ve also been “selectively” telling people at Matt’s school and online–using the selection criteria of “who’s in the hall/logged in at this exact random moment when I want to tell somebody”–so don’t think if this is the first you’ve heard of it that you’ve been not selected.  Never mistake this totally random (ooh, shiny!) approach for a system.

We’re due in mid-September (calculation-methods disagree about which day exactly, but since “calculating” is a ridiculous practice anyway, I don’t much care).  My old friend Jeff (not a remark about his age, but about how long we’ve known each other–since Junior High) and his wife are expecting their fourth a week or two later, and I’m hoping they go early (without me having to be too late) so we can match: this would be charming because Jeff and I already share a birthday.  But if I’m earlier than the guess, maybe we can land on my brother’s birthday instead.

Matt has been a superstar so far–he’s working insane hours and is as tired as I am at the end of most days lately, but he’s hanging in there, and always finds the energy to rub my feet and put lotion on the sore boobs he rarely gets to touch otherwise (poor boy).  His best trick is an ability to feed me when I hate food but am starving and cranky about it, which happens all the damn time.  The man has a gift for walking into the same kitchen I have just stormed upstairs railing against and coming out with food in his hands that I had no desire for just minutes previously, but somehow he picks the right thing or combination of things–I might have to be the baby-cow later, but so far he gets full credit for feeding the creature.

He keeps calling it a satsuma, which is probably pretty size-accurate for the time being–having no idea where he got the term, though, I’m now wondering if he’s going to move on to other Japanese fruits as it grows!




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14 03 2012


14 03 2012
Emily Baisch

Congrats! (OK, yeah, not a creative comment, but I’m in the middle of reading government solicitation documents, you’re lucky it’s coherent)

14 03 2012

Congratulations! This is so exciting! I’m very happy for you all!


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