In which Baby T-S learns about greens from the inside out

20 06 2012

How to tell it’s actually summer in CNY: the CSA veggies are here!  (This is a far, far more reliable indicator than the pools opening, which happens later and later each season based on budget changes, the end of “school,” which happens at different, unpredictable times when working @ colleges, private schools, etc., and especially the weather, which was hot in March and in the 40s again last week.)

Rinsed rainbow chard in the drying rack, where I should have dishes.

Last week, we were blessed with asparagus, rainbow chard, curly kale, scapes, spinach, mixed baby lettuces, radishes, and a head of some other, softer, more bitter lettuce whose name I don’t know–oh, and one teeeeeeeeeny wee sprig of oregano.  We gave all of the radishes to our sharing partners, because nobody in this house likes them, and I gave them the oregano too, because it was too small a sprig to bother splitting, and I’m nice like that.  Everything else got halved, including the head of mysterious lettuce.  This week, a smaller yield: more scapes and more asparagus and more rainbow chard, plus another bag of mixed baby lettuces, a bunch of collard greens, one gigantic zucchini (which we’ll probably also give away, as I already have 2 that size in the fridge… but maybe we halve it, since it’s just us 2 at this house and 2 folks at the other, so a half a giant zucchini is still a dinner-worth), and a bag of mint–although the mint that came with our house, growing rampant in the front yard, is larger and more plentiful, so that might be granted too.

What we did with it (really, what I did with it, because Matt’s been uber-busy on his own new summer projects–as I write, he’s outside furiously chopping at the clay in the backyard with a shovel, determined to build us a patio!), and he gets this pained look on his face when I ask him what he thinks we should do with today’s vegetables):

  • The bag-o-lettuces, and 2/3 of our share of the spinach, went into several days worth of amazing salads; leftovers went over to Paul’s for a group burrito dinner.
  • The remaining spinach was green-eggs-and-cheese for me and Caleb one morning (I got him to eat cooked spinach, folks, without a fuss!) and made the last of our farm eggs into eggs Florentine for Matt and I this morning.
  • The asparagus made 2 lunches for me and one store-pizza accompaniment for Matt.
  • The bitter mystery lettuce made lunch for me one day when he was away–a lunch of totally messy, only vaguely successful lettuce wraps made w/leftover chicken and a guesswork attempt at orange sauce invented by pouring random things together with the juice of one very sad, deflated old orange.
  • The rainbow chard (with some baby tomatoes and herbed goat cheese and caramelized onions) made this lovely pizza night-before-last:

    And yes, since it’s been baked, I’m allowed to eat the goat cheese!

Last night’s plan involved sauteing the chopped stems of the pretty chard with some garlic and turkey-sausage, then wilting the leaves and throwing the whole lovely mess over some pasta. Some asparagus and chopped scapes, and some of the hot green peppers in the fridge, made their way into the dish as well, since why not, and we still have heaps of them, but definitely not all of the asparagus, as the internet insists that we either grill some of it up with lime juice and samples from the bag-o-mint tonight or maybe make another pizza with mint and shaved asparagus.

I might be sporting a little more pudge than is absolutely necessary for growing a little person (the mum needs ice-cream in the summer to survive, you know), but I am certainly not neglecting nutrients, nor slacking in my responsibility to teach her about strong-veggie-flavors by being made familiar with strong veggies from the very start.




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