tiny things

13 09 2012

Gold-dust and glitter (look closely)

as the lens twists, the view-field
narrowing to one tiny focal point
set sail against a background blurred
like the failing vision of accumulating years,
what’s left
is always beautiful:
the curl of a drying sunflower petal
the gold-dust on the stems of summer’s-end tomatoes
the contemplative look on a child’s face (you know you’ll never know)

and you start to think, perhaps
the bigger pictures aren’t the sum
of everything that matters. here, inside
the smallest ordinary spaces
bloom infinite opportunities
for feeding beauty;

the catch is not to look
too close for consequence. the ring
of pellets into the glass bowls
of the indoor cats who’ll stay for life
is just as sweet as when the bowl
is left out for the stray
born too late in the season
who won’t be caught
and likely won’t live through the winter;

each mouthful will sustain
the quest for one more sunbeam
caught like fire to warm the tawny fur,
and each sunbeam is beautiful.




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