Nursing with cat

23 10 2012

It’s not “cats” because Picabo couldn’t care less ( although to be fair she’s only a few feet away), but Gustav is all over this. Literally. Not the milk part–that doesn’t really interest him. He likes his milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl, thank you, not seeping from a human source. But the act of nursing is a snugly business, and snuggling is his favorite thing (maybe except for pacifiers), so he’s always trying to find a way to be as close in the process as is physically possible. This is particularly a feat when we’re sitting up in a chair and she’s in one of my arms, usually resting on a pillow, at boob-height on my chest, and he climbs in on the upper shelf, on top of the boobs, and tries to lie down. I put my other arm up, of course, so he’s lying on that instead of on Evanny, and thus end up holding them both. He finds this quite satisfying, and will then turn his head upside down, press his forehead against hers, and purr. Matt used to worry, because I was so in love with this cat, that I’d be hard-pressed to adore a baby as much, and I admitted that babies were not truly competitive, since they don’t purr. But thanks to Gustav’s insistence, we now have nursing-with-purr. And what could be better? Here’s today’s version (with only a little public boob-sharing):





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23 10 2012

Share that boob. !

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