An emerging family ritual: the snack-bath

8 08 2015

Toddlers and babies spend a large percentage of their time in the bath–frequently sticky, sweaty, poopy, or all three (egg in your hair by 8am AGAIN, Tabba?), the fact that playing in water is always entertaining makes this a no-brainer.  Sometimes, however, the length of time bathing 2 toddlers (bc holy shit I should probably admit that’s what I have) is guaranteed to take, combined with the impending necessity of one bedtime or another, conflicts with the call of tiny hungry tummies, and thus was born the snack-bath. When Evanny was little-little, snack-bath was just a boob over the edge of the tub (Tathy still tries this one whenever feasible), and then it progressed to more food-like bath snacks: taking an avocado and a knife upstairs when we go to turn on the tap and find the bubbles. Yesterday was Tabitha’s first official snack-bath: Evanny agreed to the proposal as a way to handle being post-pool chloriney, sleepy, and hungry all at once, so I got them started while Daddy put together a first plate of strawberry and pineapple slices, then a second of crackers and cheddar, and then bit by bit I poked delicious morsels into their adorable little pink mouths. At one point, I put strawberry into Tabitha’s tiny maw, and instead of the usual smile of pleasure-gratitude for me, she turned the full weight of her adoring gaze on her sister. “Isn’t this amazing?!” She seemed to be asking. “Isn’t this just THE BEST?!”  And in that flash I could see them, 23 and 25, in a consolation chat about some deep disappointment or broken heart, sharing nibbles over the edge of a bathtub, smiling no matter how sad at the assonance of the vowels as they say it together: “snack bath!”




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