Little storytellers

17 08 2015

Tabitha, at this point (13 months, for those counting) in her advancing toddlerhood, tells tales all day long, but they’re highly repetitious and nobody understands them anyway.  “Bwah,” she’ll pronounce carefully: “Bwah.  Bwah.  Bwah.  Bwah.”  Or sometimes “naanaanaanaanaa,” “Ang nang nang nang,” or “Bvhhhhhhhhhhhh,” and sometimes “Eye?  Eye?  Eye?” but most often “Cat.  Cat, cat, cat, cat, cat.  Cat.”

Evanny, on the other hand, has advanced in all the epic ways one would expect she might from not-yet-a-year-ago, when I was recording the minutia of her recollecting/explaining Cailiou plots (my notes say this one was at 25 months): “Monster this sound [insert crunching sound made with her mouth and accompanying finger gestures] was no monster, just Gilbert, in a paper bag, making that sound.  Under the bed–Under Cailiou’s bed.  Paper bag sound. No monster.”

At 35 months, we get this instead:

“One day when I was with Grandma, and Papa, and Mammy, at a playground, they left me behind!  And they all went to get pizza, but I was all alone.  Then Nathan came, and it was sunny and shady,  and we played in the sun and then in the shade because my legs and my feet were getting sunburned.  And then we saw a rainbow!  And Nathan said “Wow!” and I said “Wow!” and it was colorful rainbow.  It was violet and violet and violet and violet and violet.  A violet rainbow.  But also red and blue and green and lellow–it was violet on the bottom, and blue on the top, and red down way down by the violet, and orange all the way up to the sky.  And then the rainbow did a magic trick: it was in another sky, and another sky, and another sky, and another sky, and in the clouds, and it turned into a balloon.  A big balloon, with a basket, and we got in the basket, and flew way up in the sky. The End.”

So all you folks who’ve ever read a story to, or told a story to, or sent a book to, or shared a narrative over the phone or Skype or FaceTime with these girls: thank you.  You’re doing a great job.  Don’t change a thing.  It’s all like one gigantic, ever-swelling, self-wrapping, unwrap it over and over birthday/Christmas/random Tuesday present to me, and I love it.




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