11 04 2010

sometimes, even when i’m in the middle of a mad grading lock-down, and by “mad” i mean both “intense and large in scale” and “infuriating/making me doubt my sanity” (i’ve already sent out a nasty email to the whole class scolding them en mass for not applying the lessons i’ve been drilling and drilling them in, and i’m only halfway through the stack), i get little reminders of how and why i find students awesome and always, always want to have some. take as evidence this considerate inquiry that just popped up in my inbox pertaining to a 2-page evaluative writing assignment they’re supposed to complete by next Thursday:

Professor Twomey,

I’m in the midst of doing my review project, and just had a quick question. I plan on reviewing the recent “zombie thriller” movie, The Crazies. This is a recent movie which you may not have seen. I just wanted to confirm that you had no plans to see this as I’m sure the review would contain spoilers. I could very easily choose a new movie if you plan on watching this and don’t want it to be ruined.

Let me know,


do you see why i ♥ it here? they’re so nice. and they like zombie movies.




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11 04 2010

You can return the favor by not telling them about the ending of any Hemingway, Hitchcock, Steinbeck or Poe movies or adaptations, on the off chance that once they’re ancient they might happen upon one and have nothing better to do as they’ve already seen all the zombie movies ever made. Well, but then… what are the odds that’d matter… :p

13 04 2010

There was a whole hilarious thread on an academic web forum recently about a writing professor whose student had written about a very very spoiler-filled episode of Lost. In the end she found another forum member to read it, grade it, and black out the spoilery bits so she could skim it and confirm the grade.

16 04 2010

that’s kind of brilliant. it’s always nice to see how teachers have each others’ backs in times of crisis. 😉

13 04 2010

Gold star
to that student for politeness and forethought.

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